An honest definition of contemporary society[1]

In South Park episode “Chickenpox”, Kyle asks his dad why Kenny’s dad is poor, while they live in a big house, having being his best friend in their youth. His dad, Gerald Broflovski, at first answers simply that they don’t have as much money, to which Kyle suggests they should give them half their money and food. His dad laughs and honestly responds:

Oh, boy, you’ve got a lot to learn. Sit down, son. You see, Kyle, we humans work as a society, and in order for a society to thrive, we need gods and clods. Yes, you see, I spent a lot of time going to Law School, and I was able to go because I have a slightly higher intellect than others. But I still need people to pump my gas and make my french fries and fix my laundry machine when it breaks down. So Kenny’s family is happy just the way they are, and we are all a functioning part of America. (6:30-7:02)

We have here an honest justification for the existence of poverty, as a natural characteristic of human societies in general. In this crudeness, though, we can see clearly the inmoral, feeble and self-conceited reasoning that’s behind it.

For more South Park related philosophy entries (in Spanish, though), check: El agnosticismo (o sobre la existencia de un ave reptil gigante que controla todo), Do’s and don’ts of Reason (o cómo usar bien nuestra racionalidad) y Super Mejores Amigos.

[1] En vísperas del nuevo año tenemos la primera entrada en inglés de este blog, breve, sencilla y básicamente expositiva (para que se entienda en español, también), en ocasión del material de origen, así como para ampliar el público al que está dirigido. No esperen muchas más, y perdónenme la incómoda redacción, que no estoy acostumbrado a escribir en inglés.




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